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On Friday the kids got to visit with their cousin Margot. Margot is about 6 weeks younger than Zander and she sure is a cute kid (ours are cuter of course). Margot was in town with her mom and dad in order to attend the world famous Pendleton Round-up. We met up with them at Nana and Grandpa's house in Athena. When we arrived their power was out. So we all stood around the BBQ trying to keep warm while Grandpa cooked up a mess of ribs, the power came back on just as we were sitting down to eat. The kids had a good time playing with each other. Being the completely absentminded people we are no one took any pictures of the kids, not us or Lauren or Ben or Grandpa or Nana. OH WELL maybe next time.

Cold Front

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On Rocky Ground
Well, we and the kids are still trying to shake this awful cold we have had for a week now. Zachary sounds the worst because of his asthma. And all this smoke from the fires certainly doesn't help him any. He has unfortunatley needed to use his Nebulizer a few times this past week.

Aside from that, we are all surviving. The long weekend wizzed by in a flash. I really enjoy having Jason be at home for work, but I much prefer it when he doesn't have to work and then the survival rate goes up considerably. Two to three, as opposed to my personal best of one to three. Two is always better than one, in that case. I never imagined one more child would add so much extra work to my day, but 'Oh my goodness!', did it ever! More diaper changing, more pant tugging, more wining, more crying, more shouting(we won't say by who). But amidst all of it, alot more loving. And that makes it all worthwhile to me. You can NEVER have too much of that.

Owl @ the Cemetery

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Here is a pic of the owl that we see on occasion in the cemetery where we take our daily walks.

Cemetery Owl

First Post

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Hi all. This is the first post on the new blogg for Zoe, Zachary & Zander. Our hope is that we will post here on a regular basis. Check back soon for posts by myself and by Kalurah. Zoe is learning to use the computer more and more every day and so she may even make a post, maybe not. So please come back often and register and let us know what you think.

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