what a load off!

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a lengthy reminder...a weight has been lifted...

After months upon months of procrastinating, I finally got 'just fed up enough'to whip out the scissors. Day after day of screeching, every time I brushed her hair, or worse yet, washed her hair. 15 minutes later...11 inches gone! We're going to see about donating her strands to "locks of love".

I love Zoe's hair this length! She looks so "trendy". And now she matches mommy. I was not able to donate my 10 inches of lopped off locks, because of the damage I inflicted upon my hair over the years! Oh well. Hopefully, Zoe can.

lock of love

She loves her new "do" and didn't even flinch when she watched me hack her ponytail off. My little baby girl is growing up!

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I know this comment is a bit late, it being the 19th of February and you cut Zoe's hair last month. But I myself just cut my own, about 9 inches of it, about a week ago. I feel so much better having it gone! And I must say I didn't do that bad of a job. Please tell Zoe she looks as cute as ever with her new do!

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