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this is terrible. I've been so delved into my flickr lately that I have totally neglected my babies' blog. what a mom I am. so what is happening with the kids? well, Zander is...oh man, I was just about to type two. he's not two! what are you typing about? he is only 21 months. he feels two...very two. two-y. two-ish. two-ous. whatever. anyway...Zoe is still my great little helper, as always, with one exception. she has recently started (prematurely, I might add) the sarcastic sixes. if I state something rather obvious that I'd like her to take care of, she slowly looks my way, with her eyes in the back of her head and one hand on her hip, as if to say, "Please, mother. I'm five. I know what I'm doing." She's turned into quite the little independent. Zachary has recently discovered his nurturing side, or, rather his homemaking side. He loves to help me fold laundry. But not just any laundry. He is partial to the towels, for whatever reason. (well, he does like symmetry things) He actually does a very good job of it, too. Better than daddy! (sorry, daddy)

well, hope everyone is having a great week. goodbye for now...I'll be over at my flickr.


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That's my boy helpin' mom. He is such a good boy.

Holy crap, your new masthead photo is AMAZING!!

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