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let's face it, kids are like wild animals. especially in a small confined space and in threes! nothing good ever comes of threesomes. the bermuda triangle comes to mind....or Hanson (remember them?)

basically, life at the Hudson home looks very similar to the monkey cages you see at the zoo. and don't think we haven't seen our share of flinging poo, either!

after 3 years of sippy cups full of milk and juice and 3 potty training children(two of which have built in power hoses), we finally decided to have our carpets cleaned. Yowza!! I don't remember the carpet being this clean before. It was like exploring a newfound planet. I almost lost my way as I walked through the living room to get to the kitchen! this isn't OUR carpet. OUR carpet had stains that resembled constellations on a clear night. you could entertain yourself for hours just peering into the vast galaxy of previous "potty mishaps and sippy cup spills!

needless to say, sippy cups have now been banned from the entire house as well as shoes. even Daddy has to knicks the shoes at the front door. and daddy NEVER likes to remove his shoes!

now, we can welcome people into our nice clean monkey house with our heads held high.....but watch out for the flinging poo!

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Looks great, guys!

Good luck keeping it that way!! We just talked the other day about getting the carpet cleaned and that very night Dude puked on the floor behind the couch.


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