Dr. Zachary will see you now…

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Just when we thought Zach was out of the woods with regards to his asthma, he had another attack. He had spent all afternoon at Grandma and Papa's house and by about 6:30pm, his little lungs had had enough. Jason and I took Zoe over to a friends' house 15 minutes away and grandma had to call their house to let us know Zach needed us.

This, unfortunately means back to the oral steroids again, at least for a couple of days. His wheezing has returned and he is retracting his chest again when he has a real hard time breathing.

We decided to buy a stethascope to better track his wheezing in his lungs (his doctoor suggested this) and he just loves walking around with it. He say's "I'm a doctor! I'm gonna listen to your luns." It helps calm him when he's all worked up.

At this time of year, one of his big triggers is the cold air outside, so we have to keep him home-bound right now until he feels better. Which really stinks when you're an active 3 year old boy.

We have him all set up with the inhalers and his spacer/mask for when we're on vacation. So that's a relief. I just hope we can get it under control before we leave town in 2 weeks. Mold isn't one of his triggers, so I'm hoping the sea air will help him feel better.

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Hi this is Casey, one of the twins. Don't know if you know but Stacy and I plus my oldest have asthma. The one thing I suggest is when you go to leave the house have him use his inhaler. Also teach him to breath in through his nose and out his mouth during an attack. Just like a jogger breaths. It has helped us so much during attacks. As he grows older have him use the inhaler before play, sports, and going out during certain times of the year. Have they given him a nebulizer for the house yet? If he continues to have attacks ask for one so you can give him a breathing treatment at home. Saves trips to the ER! Poor little guy!


thanks for the advice. my sister, grandmother and myself also have asthma. Zachary does use his nebulizer in the am and pm with his Pulmicort. It seems to have helped. He is now off of the oral steroid. so that is a relief. the inhalers are mainly for trips or to take to grandma's house.

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