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 this Sunday, we picked up a brand new toy....we searched high and low for a week before, looking for this thing. My folks already have one and every time we're over there, the kids have a blast on it. And to tell you the truth, Jason and I were getting hooked as well.

This thing is like a rare metal, that only a select few can manage to stumble upon. I thought, after a while, that I was going to have to steal the first one I saw sitting in somebodies cart at the store. when the guy at the local Walmart told us the next shipment was expected midnight on Saturday night, we knew what we had to do.......be one of those people. yes, just like one of those nerdy low-life's that pitches a tent in line for the latest and greatest game system......but Jason went into the store, (10 minutes 'till midnight) walked over to electronics, and low and behold, (choir music playing) there it was, as if it were a dream, there sat the Nintendo wii, in it's proper place, on the Walmart shelf, next to it's obscene pricetag!

so, finally, after a long  (okay, so it was only a week) journey in and out of every department store imaginable, we found and purchased our brand new "wii".

this thing is craziness. you can play basically any previous Nintendo game on this thing....Donkey Kong original, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Brothers (I, II,III, Mario's World, Mario Kart), Legend of Zelda (any of them), Excite Bike, Sonic the Hedgehog, the list goes on......

the system came with a sports game and we've bought 3 other games for the "kids" to play. yeah,...that's right, for the "kids"......not "us". but, seriously, this thing can be a workout! especially, if you're playing any of the sports like boxing, tennis, bowling, baseball, golf (golf is still arguable!)

Zoe plays just about the best out of anyone in our family, when it comes to the sports. the only problem is, if she doesn't have the wrist strap on, that's attached to the wii-mote, she will fling that thing like no ones business straight across the room and back behind the television! it was hilarious the first time she did it,......but then you remember how much the thing costs,(no longer funny).

so , if the Hudson Family Blog seems a little deserted over the next few weeks or even months, you'll know why.......      and "wii" apologize!


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