growing up and moving on…

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my mother in law related to me the story of when her oldest started kindergarten.

she said she spent the whole first day there with him.

then for day two, in which she tried to keep hold of him as long as she possibly could. until finally the dear bus driver slammed the door shut between her and her "baby".

she said she cried the whole way home.

he, on the other hand, arrived home, waiving excitedly back to the bus driver,"bye! see ya tomorrow!" jumping up and down with glee over the great adventures he'd had at school that day.

she said she eventually got over it. over letting her boy go on without her.

it took her son......probably a matter of minutes.

kids. they're so fickle!

I know I'll get over it, too. but I can't believe what an emotional leper I have been, lately!

all it takes is a commercial involving a small child or going to the kitchen and finding that I'm out of milk.

I just......weep.

there's no reason for it. there's no excuse for it. I just stand there with the fridge door hanging open or on the couch, wiping my eyes with the nearest pillow......sobbing.

I've boiled it down to the fact that not long after we've moved, I will be sending my little girl off. I feel like a horrible person, subjecting my kids to so many changes! they'll be in a strange new place and then 2 months later Zoe will have to spend the entire day away from her family. and the boys will no longer have their big sister to play with during the day.

how horrible!

but when ya gotta move, ya gotta move. we can't pass up this great house just because Zoe is growing up.

or can we?


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