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yay! the time has finally arrived. we've found a house that is big enough for our full time monkey house operation. it even has lovely refinished wood floors that I will be able to hose down after the eminent poo flinging occurrences!

we looked at this house 2 weeks ago and the second I set my eyes on those floors, I melted into a pool of goo right over the top of them. and they welcomed me gladly, tongue and groove.

I don't know what special breed of moron thought it would be a wise idea to carpet a dining room floor, but you can bet your sore knees that they weren't a mother of three, feeding children 3 to 4 times a day. all the stars in the heavens can't amount to the times I've had to scrape mashed potatoes from my carpet. and don't get me started on rice!

our current residence is around 1000 square feet. and this house, including the full basement, adds up to about 1600. it has two full baths, 4 bedrooms, a sunroom, laundry room and rec room. it comes with a 1 car garage with storage inside and has a partially fenced backyard. we are supposed to be getting estimates on the fencing before we move in. the landlord said they will pay for it and hopefully we will get it in not long after we've moved in.

the biggest appeal for me, besides all the space, is the fact that we are not going to have to share a wall with someone. I enjoy music as much as the next person. but really, are your teeth supposed to rattle inside your head, when you turn your stereo on? or worse yet, when your neighbor turns their stereo on?

I will also NOT miss our current parking situation. five college kids living beside us and parking 4-5 vehicles outside our unit. is this a drive way or "pimp my ride"?

all negative things aside, I will miss this place. help! where is the nearest u-haul, take everything and pack it up now!

we raised three wonderful children here and I was pregnant here with the last one. so it does hold some very special and fond memories. where's that packing tape?

I can't wait for moving day! the kids are all excited and mommy is absolutely ecstatic! I just hope moving day isn't too full of tears and I hope I don't have to scrape anymore mashed potatoes out of the carpet on our last day here.



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4 bedrooms!!! What! Are! You! Going! To! Do!!

Is there a craft room looming in your thoughts???

We can't wait to come see the new digs!

craft room is eminent, my dear! I am already decorating that sunroom in my head. undressing the walls with my eyes. I already know what color I want on them and where everything will go.
oh yeah, baby. oh, yeah.
I can't wait till we're settled and have you guys over. hopefully, the fence will be up when you're over.
love you and miss guys!

yes, that's right. i miss "guys". what the?
I think they need a spellcheck that monitors "stupidness!"
I meant, I miss YOU guys!

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