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in the past few months, Zander's vocabulary has just exploded! I'll hear a sentence coming somewhere from the house and when I find out who said it, it was HIM! He links up to 6-8 words together in a sentence, now. this is all fine and dandy until he hears Zachary or Zoe say something 'questionable' and Zander goes right on to repeat it. For example, Zachary's all too popular, "you're a poop!", or little miss Zoe's, "I saaaiiiid, WHAT! mommy!!"(as she rolls her eyes).

Zander does not waste any time at all, quickly repeating what his siblings have just said.  this was his most current annouance until just recently......

now, we've reached the dreaded "third degree" treatment.

"Zander, go get your shoes, please."


"because we're going for a walk."


"because, it's a nice day out and we've been inside all morning."


"because mommy has to get out of the house before she totally loses her mind!"


I don't recall either Zachary or Zoe doing this quite as early as Zander has started it. I think Zoe did it around 2 1/2, and about 3 for Zachary. at any rate.....it's kind of a tick of his, these days. as if he means to say, "oh really.", "is that so?" but instead, out comes the annoying question, "why?".

I guess it could be alot worse. we could be dealing with the dreaded, "where do babies come from?". quite honestly, I think that would be a cake walk compared to the "why?" every other time you say something to him.

I know this is just a stage he is in and it will all too soon be replaced by the silent treatment once he's reached his teens. (oh, gosh....we won't even go there.) I just have to keep reminding myself of that, though....that these are the days I will look back on and envy, one day. innocent, pure and short-lived moments of youth. before time and the world take hold of my little babies and they develop their own individualities. the very thought just saddens me.


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He really is quite a cutie! He's so entertaining and they really do grow up much too quickly. I don't even want to think of them becoming teenagers when they're such a joy to watch right now. It goes so fast you can hardly believe it and believe me, you really will wish you could go back and enjoy the "little kid" years all over again.

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