R.I.P: Hudson’s Home Blog????

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oh deary, me! where has the time gone? an entire month has gone by with out a single post here.

what can I say? it's hard keeping up on two blogs simultaneously. especially when I generally just end up blogging on and on about my kids over at whiletheyplay.com and that leaves nothing to post here! this is, after all, their blog!

a prediciment, we have ourselves here. a pickle. a jam.

I had toyed with the notion of doing away with this blog, here. and sticking with whiletheyplay all by it's cute little self. I quite like blogger and really feel at home over there.

I feel quite awkward at times on wordpress, not knowing my way around, stumbling over things, losing posts, deleting posts. I pride myself on being a quick learner and wordpress just leaves me feeling like a huge loser! plus, blogger automatically back up your work! (hallelujuah!) this is definitely a biggy in a house where, you just get up from the computer chair and walk away for 5 seconds and a small child has clung on to it by the time you get back!

I am still toying with this notion. give me your feed back, guys. whatdayathink? of course, that is, if you still check back here after my month long hiatus!

if I DO banish the wordpress blog, here, what shall I do to back it all up? transfer it all over to blogger?

or, I also have the option of printing it out and creating a lovely scrap book, of sorts! I don't know, I'm grasping at straws, here. please, give me your feedback guys. let me know what YOU think!

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That is sad! The loss of one may bring you more time, and a cute little scrap of the blog would help ease the transition, but just think of thetime it would take you to make it!
You could use that time and keep posting, or combine them or ease I guess, but I will miss the three Z's.

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