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here is a "sneak peak" into our new home.


wide open terrain for my two year old to let loose and potty train his heart out! this little venture has been impossible in our current house, what with all the lovely wall to wall carpeting.

you may recall our previous adventures in potty training. so keeping that in mind, we are VERY excited about these hardwood floors!


I'm also quite excited to have an ACTUAL "laundry room"!


if you've ever had to do laundry for five people out of a hallway closet, you can sypathize with me. when we first walked through this house, I almost peed my pants at the sight of this laundry room! how sad has my existance become, that I get all hot and bothered over a designated room for pre-spotting, cleaning, drying and folding my family's clothes?

and yet, there it is. my life. in a nutshell. it'swhat I do. Jason keeps our family clothed. I launder the clothes!

but in between the loads upon loads of laundry and (let's not forget).....



I will have my new retreat.



complete with sewing machine, worktable and even a quaint little seating area, where I will blog the day away on my new laptop that Jason doesn't know he's getting me, yet.

I will post more snippets later. for now, I'll just leave you with this.....




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I won't yell! I won't yell! SEWING ROOM! Sorry jealous rage over took me for a moment.

But seriously I'm so jealous nd so happy for you. And can't wait to use, I mean for you to use your crafters hide away.

Your new place looks BEAUTIFUL! I really like it! Hooray for your sewing room, I am so jealous.

As for the little niche, how about a really nice vase? Some sort of decorative vase would look really nice I think.

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