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img_5221.JPGThe young man does have a dirty mouth, but not because of anything he is saying. His sister left a black Crayola marker out and Zander thought it would be a good idea to bite the felt tip off it. As you can see the results were not pretty. Oh well, it was all gone a few hours later.

Dig in the Dirt

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We spent yesterday in Athena helping Grandpa and Nana dig a new footing for their new front fence. Zach just loved playin' in the dirt all day long. Dad on the other had did not have as much fun, it was more like work. Zach is such a cool little boy he spent most of the day out side with me helping dig. We found him a little spade and he went to town. He spent some time taking dirt out of the trench, some playin' on the dirt pile and some putting dirt back in the trench, but he loved it and had a good time. When he was not "workin'" in the dirt he was playing with his other cousin Sam. Mom, Zoe and Zander arrived later in the day and the latter two had a good time playing in the dirt also.

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