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Fall is in the air.

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Fall colours

Well fall is here! And with it come the cold and rain and snow that is sure to follow, along with colds the flu and the like. Zoe is the first casualty this fall. She was sounding like a 50 year old smoker so I checked her throat and her tonsils were so swollen that it was amazing that she could even breath. Kalurah took her to see the Dr and she tested negative for strep but the test did show some staph infection, so she has been on antibiotics for the past few days. Other than that we have been doing well. Zach is doing good; he has not had any more trouble with his asthma. And Zander is growing and being as much of a rascal as ever. He is starting to talk more and not just one word at a time. He sounds like he is trying to put sentences together, just 3 - 4 words, but still... Anyway that's about all that is happening with us. 'Till next time, good day.

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