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Well as some of y'all know our old camera died on us back on 12/24/06. It was a lovely Canon S1IS. We had purchased it all little over 2 years ago and it had given us great service over those 2+ years, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Especially when the kids liked to take pictures as well. It would end up with fingerprints where they are not supposed to be and it would get dropped, a lot. So it's no real surprise that it died. Fast forward to yesterday and the arrival of our tax refund, what's the first thing we do with the extra coin we now have. . . I had the oil changed in the car. Then we drove up to the Tri-cities and took Zoe and Zachary to Toy's R Us and they each got a new toy; Zoe picked out a My Little Pony and Zach chose this rubber dinosaur that is almost as tall as he is. We also picked Zander up a toy vacuum cleaner, he loves it by the way. Then we made our way over to Target. Here Zoe scored a new sweater and a new pair of shoes. Next stop was Red Lobster, then the coup d'etat we went to Best Buy and purchased ...

Nikon D40

... Our very own Nikon D40. We've had it for less than a day and we LOVE IT. I have already shot about 250 frames(most of said frames are of anything and everything around the house just play & learning) and I have no doubt we made the right choice. So stay tuned for what I'm sure will be a plethora great shots over the years. And yes the kids will not be allowed to use this camera, we also bought an inexpensive point and shoot for Zoe and the boys to use.

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