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“Potty of one, please”

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The prince on his throneThe day has finally arrived. The beautiful, glorious, long anticipated day. At a very manly 3 1/2 years old, our mature young man has just ventured into uncharted "waters", as it were. Day one was an absolute nightmare! Potty training and wall to wall carpet, not a good mix. Potty training and the flu, not a good mix. Potty training and mommy trying to keep an eye on the other two children in the house (one of which is 18 mos.), NOT a good mix!

ANY way you mix it, this event can be both a relief and a total hair ripper. Day two was no exception. Just imagine, if you will, a sprinkler. Only,.... the sprinkler is in your house. And this particular sprinkler is not spraying water. I think you know where I'm headed. And when mommy finally got some of the shrapnel to actually hit the potty chair, she started down the hallway to empty it into the toilet, but mommy failed to notice the toy train below her feet. ( I think you can ALL see where I'm headed at this point). All you need to know is that I spent the better part of an hour sanitizing the walls of the hallway, shampooing the hallway carpet and finallly,..... disinfecting a full box of toys that were in the line of fire. (if we can even use the word 'line' in this particular senario.)

Needless to say, the entire ordeal could only go uphill from this point. And it did, eventually. We are now on day 6 and Zachary is now rushing to the bathroom without anyone having to remind him. Wipes and washes his hands and runs back out to declare at the top of his lungs, "I went potty!". All of this before we even realized he had left the room. This ritual continues with each potty excursion. Jason and I are just relieved that he has retired from diapers and wet wipes. Our $65 a month diaper/wipes budget is now cut in half. Thank goodness! All I have to say at this point is "I just hope Zander puts up a smaller fight, or... that we are in a house with tiled floors when he starts to potty train!"

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