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fluffy cloud grahams…

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4 oz Neufatchel cream cheese

2 tsp honey

1 sleeve graham crackers

mix honey into the cream cheese.

spread a tablespoon onto one half of a graham and top with another graham half.


you don’t know the power…

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Darth Zach

this is what was promised to Zach, when he finished potty training. it has a mic inside so he can distort his voice and sound like Darth Vader when he pushes a button. He loves the thing. We find it pretty amusing, as well.

what kind of sign should this be to us? The boy enjoys dressing like Darth Vader and likes to use the force on his brother and sister. Maybe it's just a phase. It's completely harmless, of course. As long as he doesn't turn to the dark side....

Child-iZms Part V…

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Zach sits down next to Zoe and puts her leg up over his and says: "Thanks for the leg blanket!"

potty party…

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zachsparty1.jpg well, after close to 3 months of waiting, Zachary has finally made up his mind to take care of his sit down doo-ties in the "oval office". (that's right, we spare no puns here on the Hudson blog, people) I can't tell you how sick we were getting of cleaning out underwear on a daily basis!

to mark this long awaited event and in way of being very ostentatious, we told Zach he could have a "potty party". consisting of: lot's of dinosaurs, family and friends, ice cream cake, gifts, balloons, decorations and a private "fossil dig".

he received alot of great presents and more importantly, he had a "dino" mite time. (hey, I couldn't help myself.)


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poor Zach. this past week, Zach has caught a cold and along with it, a nasty cough. I noticed his wheezing had been ALOT worse lately and I was having to give him 4 nebulizer treatments a day!

I took him into Peds on Tuesday and the doc said his chest sounded like crap. (well, not HER exact words) And that it was obvious to her that his asthma is clearly not under control. She said he is in the Red Zone. Which, at this point, means we gotta bring in the big guns...steroids. I know, I know. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this either. But if that is what it takes to get my baby feeling comfortable again, so be it!

He is on Orapred now for 2 weeks, to start and the poor guy has to use an inhaler now with what they call a 'spacer'. this thing literally looks like a baby bottle!

it's been just over 3 days now and the cough is still nasty. the wheezing has not subsided YET. if these measures do not wipe out this junk in his lungs, it may turn out being an infection. (let's hope NOT)

Meanwhile, I have also caught this cold and I find myself very worn out and very grumpy! I am a ticking time bomb, just waiting to go off at any minute. Poor Jason has suffered most from it. I hate being sick. And worse, I hate seeing any of my babies sick!

For now, we'll just wait and see. And we'll all keep umbrella's close by just in case mommy blows up everywhere!

I’m still here, honest…

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this is terrible. I've been so delved into my flickr lately that I have totally neglected my babies' blog. what a mom I am. so what is happening with the kids? well, Zander is...oh man, I was just about to type two. he's not two! what are you typing about? he is only 21 months. he feels two...very two. two-y. two-ish. two-ous. whatever. anyway...Zoe is still my great little helper, as always, with one exception. she has recently started (prematurely, I might add) the sarcastic sixes. if I state something rather obvious that I'd like her to take care of, she slowly looks my way, with her eyes in the back of her head and one hand on her hip, as if to say, "Please, mother. I'm five. I know what I'm doing." She's turned into quite the little independent. Zachary has recently discovered his nurturing side, or, rather his homemaking side. He loves to help me fold laundry. But not just any laundry. He is partial to the towels, for whatever reason. (well, he does like symmetry things) He actually does a very good job of it, too. Better than daddy! (sorry, daddy)

well, hope everyone is having a great week. goodbye for now...I'll be over at my flickr.


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