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A family affair

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This Saturday, we spent the afternoon at Nana and Grandpa Hudson's house. Aunte Lauren and Uncle Ben brought cousin Margot along, of course, and great aunte Mary and great grandma Kermode were there, along with Aunt Dianna, Sam, Devon and Alan. Aunte Dianna's sister, Coral and her husband Tom were also there.

Grandpa made a delicious ham and we all enjoyed each others company. It was fun seeing how much Margot has grown and what a doll she is! I really expected Zander to want to play with her more, but I think there was just too many pretty, shiny things to try and get into the whole time we were there. The day consisted mostly of sitting down to try and visit and hopping back up every 3 to 5 minutes to run after a child. Zander's favorite hangout quickly became the bottom of the Christmas tree where Nana hung all the candy canes.

Even though our immediate family of 5 do not celebrate the holidays, it was very nice of Nana to set aside a special day just for us that was not all about Christmas. It was just for us family to get together and enjoy ourselves and each other. We had a great time. Nana did alot of work to get everything ready and we really appreciate that she also had to do it all over again for Christmas with her family. So thank you Nana, for your kindness and all your hard work.

New pics!

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Zoe Zachary Zander Cold, winter weather prevents mommy from wanting to freeze her buns off outside, in order to take pictures. So we kept the crew indoors for our photo shoot, where it was warm and dry.

I realized just the other day the latest 'portraits' of the kids were pretty viola! Here are the newest pics of the "Z" three. Enjoy.

A tale of two teeth

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minus twoWell, our 'big' girl now has two 'big' gaping holes in her mouth. On Thursday(14th), she lost her lower left lateral incisor, and the very next day, she lost the right one. For 2 weeks prior, she thoroughly enjoyed entertaining us all by making the two teeth flap open and shut like a saloon door out of a Clint Eastwood western. I thought it was hilarious, while daddy found it repugnant.

She is quite proud of her latest 'losses'. And it's the first thing she talks about when she tries to talk the face off of any new stranger she meets. Who would guess, having two missing teeth DOESN'T make a 5 year old FEMALE talk less!(Go figure)

It's just too bad tooth fairies aren't paying more these days.

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