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let's face it, kids are like wild animals. especially in a small confined space and in threes! nothing good ever comes of threesomes. the bermuda triangle comes to mind....or Hanson (remember them?)

basically, life at the Hudson home looks very similar to the monkey cages you see at the zoo. and don't think we haven't seen our share of flinging poo, either!

after 3 years of sippy cups full of milk and juice and 3 potty training children(two of which have built in power hoses), we finally decided to have our carpets cleaned. Yowza!! I don't remember the carpet being this clean before. It was like exploring a newfound planet. I almost lost my way as I walked through the living room to get to the kitchen! this isn't OUR carpet. OUR carpet had stains that resembled constellations on a clear night. you could entertain yourself for hours just peering into the vast galaxy of previous "potty mishaps and sippy cup spills!

needless to say, sippy cups have now been banned from the entire house as well as shoes. even Daddy has to knicks the shoes at the front door. and daddy NEVER likes to remove his shoes!

now, we can welcome people into our nice clean monkey house with our heads held high.....but watch out for the flinging poo!

family vacation…

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we're back from our trip, and we had an absolute blast! the whole week was so much fun. here are some hilights..........

fun at the park in Portland with cousin Margot...


 at the Portland Zoo with cousin Margot...


  Tillamook Air Museum...


 fun on the beach in Lincoln City...


 family fun at our beachhouse ...


passages of the deep at the Oregon Coast Aquarium...


 SO over being stuck in the car for hours...


 fun, fun,fun! everyone enjoyed themselves, including mommy and daddy. overall, a very busy, fun-filled vacation.

check out more pics on our flickr!

we’re off…

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well, tomorow begins our long awaited vacation! ahhhhh......we'll be gone for 6 days, so the blog here will be bare. we should have lot's of goodies to share though when we get check back after Wednesday. I'm sure we'll be brimming with oodles of great shots of the kids at the Oregon Zoo and at the Aquarium and Air Museum. ooh, I'm getting goosebumps just talking about it. I can't wait for the fun. 'till Wednesday.........

everyone have a great weekend!


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side view

This is a table that Glenn made

chalk art…

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chalk art

the perfect cure for cabin fever...chalk drawing. the past couple days have been spent inside while the weather tries to decide what it wants to do., wait, rain...sunny again....I can't wait until Summer arrives. at least you can count on Summer's weather less hot.... hot as the firey blazes of "hell".

I'm just hoping it's nice when we leave Friday to Ben, Lauren & Mag's house. We have plans for the Portland Zoo, so let's hope we have a rain-free Saturday! We'll bring an emergency supply of chalk, just in case.


Just when we thought Zach was out of the woods with regards to his asthma, he had another attack. He had spent all afternoon at Grandma and Papa's house and by about 6:30pm, his little lungs had had enough. Jason and I took Zoe over to a friends' house 15 minutes away and grandma had to call their house to let us know Zach needed us.

This, unfortunately means back to the oral steroids again, at least for a couple of days. His wheezing has returned and he is retracting his chest again when he has a real hard time breathing.

We decided to buy a stethascope to better track his wheezing in his lungs (his doctoor suggested this) and he just loves walking around with it. He say's "I'm a doctor! I'm gonna listen to your luns." It helps calm him when he's all worked up.

At this time of year, one of his big triggers is the cold air outside, so we have to keep him home-bound right now until he feels better. Which really stinks when you're an active 3 year old boy.

We have him all set up with the inhalers and his spacer/mask for when we're on vacation. So that's a relief. I just hope we can get it under control before we leave town in 2 weeks. Mold isn't one of his triggers, so I'm hoping the sea air will help him feel better.

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