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my mother in law related to me the story of when her oldest started kindergarten.

she said she spent the whole first day there with him.

then for day two, in which she tried to keep hold of him as long as she possibly could. until finally the dear bus driver slammed the door shut between her and her "baby".

she said she cried the whole way home.

he, on the other hand, arrived home, waiving excitedly back to the bus driver,"bye! see ya tomorrow!" jumping up and down with glee over the great adventures he'd had at school that day.

she said she eventually got over it. over letting her boy go on without her.

it took her son......probably a matter of minutes.

kids. they're so fickle!

I know I'll get over it, too. but I can't believe what an emotional leper I have been, lately!

all it takes is a commercial involving a small child or going to the kitchen and finding that I'm out of milk.

I just......weep.

there's no reason for it. there's no excuse for it. I just stand there with the fridge door hanging open or on the couch, wiping my eyes with the nearest pillow......sobbing.

I've boiled it down to the fact that not long after we've moved, I will be sending my little girl off. I feel like a horrible person, subjecting my kids to so many changes! they'll be in a strange new place and then 2 months later Zoe will have to spend the entire day away from her family. and the boys will no longer have their big sister to play with during the day.

how horrible!

but when ya gotta move, ya gotta move. we can't pass up this great house just because Zoe is growing up.

or can we?




yay! the time has finally arrived. we've found a house that is big enough for our full time monkey house operation. it even has lovely refinished wood floors that I will be able to hose down after the eminent poo flinging occurrences!

we looked at this house 2 weeks ago and the second I set my eyes on those floors, I melted into a pool of goo right over the top of them. and they welcomed me gladly, tongue and groove.

I don't know what special breed of moron thought it would be a wise idea to carpet a dining room floor, but you can bet your sore knees that they weren't a mother of three, feeding children 3 to 4 times a day. all the stars in the heavens can't amount to the times I've had to scrape mashed potatoes from my carpet. and don't get me started on rice!

our current residence is around 1000 square feet. and this house, including the full basement, adds up to about 1600. it has two full baths, 4 bedrooms, a sunroom, laundry room and rec room. it comes with a 1 car garage with storage inside and has a partially fenced backyard. we are supposed to be getting estimates on the fencing before we move in. the landlord said they will pay for it and hopefully we will get it in not long after we've moved in.

the biggest appeal for me, besides all the space, is the fact that we are not going to have to share a wall with someone. I enjoy music as much as the next person. but really, are your teeth supposed to rattle inside your head, when you turn your stereo on? or worse yet, when your neighbor turns their stereo on?

I will also NOT miss our current parking situation. five college kids living beside us and parking 4-5 vehicles outside our unit. is this a drive way or "pimp my ride"?

all negative things aside, I will miss this place. help! where is the nearest u-haul, take everything and pack it up now!

we raised three wonderful children here and I was pregnant here with the last one. so it does hold some very special and fond memories. where's that packing tape?

I can't wait for moving day! the kids are all excited and mommy is absolutely ecstatic! I just hope moving day isn't too full of tears and I hope I don't have to scrape anymore mashed potatoes out of the carpet on our last day here.



apron strings…

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I just took Zoe in last week, to sign her up for kindergarten. we've been inseparable, her and I, for the last 5+ years of her life. she's helped me with the boys, including diaper (dootie) and keeping them busy while I do chores. she makes me smile when I don't want to. and she makes me cry when I don't want to. she tells me "mommy, don't worry.", when I start showing signs of "frazzle-ment". and she inherited her father's most beautiful attribute.....she tells me she loves me 5 to 10 times each and every day.
she is my first, my oldest and my only girl. I don't know how I'll cope without her, when she starts school. but it's my gift to her....go out and enjoy, explore, learn, play, find yourself, be yourself and remember how hard this time was for me......because I love you SO very much.

to my beautiful girl:

Apron strings
Hanging empty crazy things
My body tells me
I want someone to tie to my
Apron strings

Apron strings
Waiting for you pretty things
That I could call you
I want someone to tie to my
Lonely apron strings.

Your baby looks just like you when you were young
And he looks at me with eyes that shine
And I wish that he were mine
Then I go home
To my
Apron strings
Cold and lonely,
For time brings
thoughts that only
Will be quiet when someone clings
to my apron strings.

And I'll be perfect in my own way
When you cry I will be there
I'll sing to you and comb your hair
All your troubles I will share

For apron strings
Can be used for other things
Than what they're meant for
and you'd be happy wrapped in my
Apron strings

You'd be happy wrapped in my
Apron strings

by Tracey Thorn

Child-iZms Part X…

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Mommy: "Zachary, where are your shoes?"

Zachary: "They're in the bathroom.............they're going potty."


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in the past few months, Zander's vocabulary has just exploded! I'll hear a sentence coming somewhere from the house and when I find out who said it, it was HIM! He links up to 6-8 words together in a sentence, now. this is all fine and dandy until he hears Zachary or Zoe say something 'questionable' and Zander goes right on to repeat it. For example, Zachary's all too popular, "you're a poop!", or little miss Zoe's, "I saaaiiiid, WHAT! mommy!!"(as she rolls her eyes).

Zander does not waste any time at all, quickly repeating what his siblings have just said.  this was his most current annouance until just recently......

now, we've reached the dreaded "third degree" treatment.

"Zander, go get your shoes, please."


"because we're going for a walk."


"because, it's a nice day out and we've been inside all morning."


"because mommy has to get out of the house before she totally loses her mind!"


I don't recall either Zachary or Zoe doing this quite as early as Zander has started it. I think Zoe did it around 2 1/2, and about 3 for Zachary. at any's kind of a tick of his, these days. as if he means to say, "oh really.", "is that so?" but instead, out comes the annoying question, "why?".

I guess it could be alot worse. we could be dealing with the dreaded, "where do babies come from?". quite honestly, I think that would be a cake walk compared to the "why?" every other time you say something to him.

I know this is just a stage he is in and it will all too soon be replaced by the silent treatment once he's reached his teens. (oh, gosh....we won't even go there.) I just have to keep reminding myself of that, though....that these are the days I will look back on and envy, one day. innocent, pure and short-lived moments of youth. before time and the world take hold of my little babies and they develop their own individualities. the very thought just saddens me.


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