The (huricane speed) winds of change

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Well, the pace has just picked up around here quite a bit. A friend of ours is adopting her niece and has just started back at work part time, so she has asked me to watch her 5 month old for her. It may turn out to just be temporary, but also has the possibility of working itself out as a regular thing. This week, I just have her from 10:45-2:45, today and Friday.

She is an absolute sweetheart! So good-natured. She only cried today when she got sleepy around nap time. Lets are we going to do this? Baby's nap time is noon and Zander's nap time is 1:00. O boy! We have some scheduling conflicts to work through. Today, so far, has gone okay. She is down for her nap right now, and I figure, depending on how long she is down, as soon as she wakes up, Zander will go down for his nap. Having him temporarily out of commission will help alot once she is awake again.

Zander has recently decided he wants to potty-train. Oh, joy! Let's throw one more ball up in the air for mommy to juggle, why don't we? I'm actually quite pleased that he is showing interest so much earlier than his predecessor (Zach). I just don't know how I'm going to keep up with the constant spraying all over my carpets and the poopy diapers he likes to remove on his own and leave in an unknown location. I am unaware of all of this until he walks up to me stark naked and says, "I pee." or "I poo." You gotta love the determination!

So things are a little crazy (crazier) around here right now. But it keeps life exciting. If I don't look at it in that light, I just may sit down somewhere and bawl my eyes out.

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