35th wedding anniversary…

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Happy anniversary, Alan and Charlotte! On Friday afternoon, we sneaky children organized a surprise party for them at the park in Athena. Unfortunately, Alan wasn't feeling too well so he wasn't able to join us. But we were able to surprise Charlotte!


We enjoyed each other's company along with some burgers and cake (care of Lauren and Ben) but the fun had to end around 7pm because the little ones were off to decorate eggs at the Athena Firehouse.

Today, is Jason and my anniversary. Seven years! So we are dropping the kids off with my parents for the day and heading down the gorge for a day alone, hitting the Multnomah Falls, Vista house and Maryhill Museum. Maybe we'll take a small hike as well, it doesn't really matter what we do, the point is, it will just be the two of us for a change. (ahhhhhh)

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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How I wish we could have been around! Looks like a fun day!


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