Child-iZms Part IX…

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Zoe: My brain and my legs are fighting. My brain is saying, "I wanna stay up." and my legs are saying, "I wanna lay down."

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I read your comment on the PosyGetsCozy blog, and, for some reason, felt compelled to check out your blog. I love Child-iZms! I am also a young mother(does 30 count as young anymore?) of 3 kids(also a girl and 2 boys). I felt very akin to what you were saying(in other words, I hear ya, sista!) The entry about things you miss now that you are a mother made me laugh(especially the last one--how idyllic and calm everyone thinks motherhood will be). Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your stuff!

P.S. My son also has that Darth Vadar mask and we crack up every time! The voice is so serious and the body underneath the mask is so small.

thanks for checking out my blog, Laurie. and yes, of course 30 is still young! I will be 30 in yes, we can both call it "young"!
glad you like my stuff. sounds like we're "soul" mothers. ;-)

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